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Team Member Rob

Rob has over 5 years of Workday experience and has supported over 25 Workday projects. He has personally built or supervised development of 338 Workday integrations impacting over 1 million end users. Rob has participated in the Workday Hackathon since 2013 and placed twice. Rob was chosen to present at Workday Altitude on Unorthodox Integration Performance Tuning.  Rob is fluent in Spanish and is Workday certified in HCM, Project Management, and Integrations.



Team Member David

Dave has over 3.5 years of Workday experience supporting 9 Workday implementation projects and personally building 144 Workday integrations impacting 135,000 end users. Dave was chosen to present at the 2016 Workday Altitude Conference on How Workday Uses Cryptography.  Dave is a Workday Studio Product Lead and is certified in Integration, Workday Studio, Reporting, CCB, and CCTPP (PI).




Team Member Jennifer

Jennifer has over 2 years of Workday experience and is Workday HCM certified.  She specializes in HCM and Payroll implementations, support and delivery with in-depth knowledge of process re-engineering, process design, documentation and HCM Configuration, along with strong project management and communication skills.  She has spent 12 years managing large IT projects with SAP, HCM & Payroll and managing production support teams and operations in a global 24 x 7 environment.  Jennifer’s payroll background specializes in garnishments, taxes and integrations. Her transition to Workday has focused on global payroll integrations to 3rd party payroll vendors, HCM, and process design & documentation.   Jennifer has spoken at numerous conferences on best practices around upgrades and on garnishments and is on the American Payroll Association GRTF Garnishment Sub Committee.


Prashanth is certified in both Workday HCM and integration.  Prior to Intecrowd, Prashanth spent 7 years as a senior functional and technical consultant with a deep understanding of HCM and payroll systems, processes, and testing. Prashanth is also fluent in Hindi & Telegu.




Team Member Aaron

Aaron is certified in multiple Workday products, including Cloud Connect for Benefits, Workday Studio, and Payroll Integrations.  Aaron has more than 22 years of experience in the high-tech arena, including delivery of small, medium, and large-scale projects for major accounts, application design and implementation, database administration, and technical software support. He has experience gathering, developing, and writing system requirements and specifications, in addition to six years of staff management and business-to-business consulting experience. Aaron has also worked as an application developer, with direct, hands-on experience in fulfilling requirements to meet a variety of customer needs. Aaron has a thorough knowledge of the product development lifecycle and can truly understand it from all points of view. He can comfortably and effectively communicate with all levels and stakeholders in a given project or initiative. Prior to becoming a Workday consultant, Aaron spent a significant portion of his career working on SaaS-based applicant tracking systems for a number of different Fortune 500 companies, as well as a leading non-profit education reform company.


Team Member Jill

Jill has 4 years of experience as global Workday functional and business design lead for a Fortune 100 company’s global HR transformation, along with 20 years of multi‑industry experience in HR Technology.  Jill is Workday certified in HCM and Project Management and has additional deep HCM platform experience in SAP, PeopleSoft and point applications including Taleo, SuccessFactors, Saba, and data warehousing solutions.  She has developed and managed integrations with payroll and benefit vendors and has held functional HR operations leadership responsibility for payroll, HR service center, portal, and data management teams.   Jill has additional expertise in merger/acquisition/divestiture efforts, and managing offshore 3rd party vendor HR service delivery.


Team Member Brady

Brady has 4 years of Workday experience both as an end user and as an Integrator. Brady has participated in 3 Workday projects, designed and built many integrations and recently participated in the 2016 Altitude Hackathon.  Brady is certified in Integrations, CCTPP, and Workday Studio.  Brady is an experienced developer with over 19 years of IT work experience. Brady has deep expertise in software development for the web, desktop applications, backend system processes, as well as experience in IT infrastructure, including network design/administration and computer hardware. Brady is also fluent in Spanish.  In addition to Workday tools, Brady has experience with Java, JSP, Struts2, Tiles, Ant, Maven, Apache, Tomcat, Hudson/Jenkins, PHP, Linux, JavaScript/jQuery/PrototypeJS, AJAX, SQL (MySQL, Oracle MSSQL), HTML, CSS, Classic ASP, XML/XSLT, JAXB, ASP.NET, Visual Basic 6+, Subversion, Perforce, Git, IIS, Visual SourceSafe, SonarQube, Cobertura, JUnit, Mockito, Jira, and SourceTree.


Team Member Josh

Josh is a Workday Certified Project Manager with 3 years of Workday project experience including Workday HCM & Talent implementations, and Workday merger and acquisition activities for a 65k employee company in 38 countries.  Josh has 11 years of HRIS & Payroll experience including roles implementing Payroll for 25K employees, and managing the divestitures of 20K+ employees.  Most recently Josh was a Test Lead for a complex Workday implementation impacting 19K+ end users.




Chris is Workday Integration and Cloud Connect for Third Party Payroll (CCTPP) certified. Chris has designed and developed benefits, payroll, and recruiting integrations for multiple Workday clients, serving populations of over 40,000 employees.  Prior to Intecrowd, Chris served in a senior strategy role at a social media start-up and also as a Program Manager for big data initiatives at the Discovery Analytics Center, a cornerstone research initiative of Virginia Tech’s Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science (ICTAS).  At ICTAS, he managed large-scale research and development software projects designed for (and implemented into) operational use by the U.S. intelligence community.


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